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mwcms2 is an innovative system for managing web-contents providing intuitive and quick way for creating and maintaining websites. The modular structure allows the system to fit custom requirements, to implement new solutions, and to be extended with new functionality. The intuitive user interface, offered in mwcms2, keeps content management simple and easy.

mwcms2 is from the ground multilingual and can support unlimited set of languages. But please be aware that every new language added to the site is increasing the complexity of the content editing process significantly and should be done with care. However the system does not have to serve multilingual contents and could be used for local projects also.

The main concept of the content management is the integrated AJAX backend. When editor or administrator authentication is provided, the backend tools are integrated in the frontend providing more transparency between backend and frontend.

To learn more about the user interface of the system, please refer to the  user documentation:

Installing and Managing Your Site.pdf

To see the system in action, please refer to the demo site of the project: http://www.demo.magicweb.org/login, using one of the following accounts:

  Registered user access Backend access for editors Backend access for administrators
username: user-account@magicweb.org editor-account@magicweb.org admin-account@magicweb.org
password: Pass1234 Pass1234 Pass1234

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