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CDG Slancho Peshtera is a daycare facility for children. The facility accomodate over 100 children a day and has a huge experience. Educating and preparing children for school, organizing events and celebrities are daily tasks of the facility. We have built the website in collaboration with Mrs. Donka Gyosheva (current executive of the facility at the time of building the project).

The main goals of the project are providing and centralizing of information about the facility, publishing of current images, and also easier access for staff members and parents to obtain important information and notifications. The Backend of the website provides everything necessary for managing the web contents of the project.


Started in 2010 and accessible from the official site of the project the demo version serves as showcase and training place for everyone who's interested in. It's built on the default design and provides common functionality of our Content Management System. It's accessable in three hierarchically organized ways: as simple registered user, as editor, and as administrator. No Backend access is considered for registered users, restricted Backend functionality is provided for editors, and full system resources controll has been made available to administrators. Everyone could manipulate and make any arbitrary changes to the demo version which is being recovered to its initial state every single hour.


Elmina-art.com is a web project which has the goal to presents the art-works of Gospodin Gospodinov, a bulgarian painter and sculptor. We use our gallery content plugin to present the different art collectiions. An E-shop functionality is planed for the near future, so that art woks can be purchased online.


furniture-bulgaria.eu is a project still in development. It's considered to be an online shop for furniture mainly produced in Bulgaria. The service is planed to be available in at least three languages - Bulgarian, English and German. The project is a collaboration between MagicWeb.org LLC and leading furniture manufacturers across the country.

Standard features as Google Maps, customer request form, dynamic styled suckerfish navigation, breadcrumbs, image rotators and sliders are built in. The design has been inspired by a Prestashop template but significantly improved and further developed. Ecommerce plugin is additionally installed to supply the needed online shop functionality. The project is scheduled to be release on the January 15. 2012.


Gudex SA is a manufacturer of metal caps, screw caps, and pilfer proof. It satisfies the needs for closing of any canning fruits, vegetables, juices and drinks, and developing its personal ideas for better look of its products. Gudex SA has long traditions and huge customer experience, and is selling its products at the Bulgarian as well at the European market for the last two decades.

We adopted the old design into the new website, and provided Backend access for more easy and intuitive way of managing the web contents. The old company web project had not provided any Backend operations which was making the update of the web contents impossible. The current project has been built on the second version of our Content Management System. Google Maps functionality is provided as well customer request form secured through CAPTCHA.

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