Webdesign & CMS Development


This is web site, that we made for an estate agency, offering properties in south Bulgaria. We extended the base funcionality of our cms and developed a customized plugin which covered all the needs of our custumer.


Our official project website is built on the second major version of our CMS. Main features here are the multilingual functionality (three languages), two navigations - both participating in the breadcrumbs module, page slider, contact form etc. The site allows new users to register, to obtain forgotten passwords, and once logged, to manage account data and password. Also advantage is taken of the built-in hierarchical userrole system making possible to serve content for certain group of users. For instance only registered users may see navigation link providing developer documentation. The download of software packages is also restricted to logged visitors only.


ODZ-Izgrev Peshtera is a daycare facility for children and kindergarten in the city of Peshtera in Southwest Bulgaria. The facility accomodate over 200 children, and has an extraordinarily huge staff. Educating and preparing children for school, organizing events and celebrities are only part of the responsibilities of the facility which require managing, publishing, and providing of several information to the staff as well to the parents. We have built the website in collaboration with Mrs. Dimitrova (manager of the facility at the time of starting the project).

The main goals of the project are providing of information and notifications about current activities and events, publishing of images and also YouTube videos. The media part of the project is not competing with services like Facebook or YouTube but is still organizing and centralizing the information for easier access to staff members and parents. The Backend of the website provides an intuitive way for managing the web contents of the project.


Technorubber is a manufacturer and recycler of machines for processing different products made of rubber. The company brings a huge experience and has customers from Europe and Turkey. Its portfolio of machines and services is extraordinary long and abundant. The original company website was not manageable and did not provide any backend access. We started this project in early 2011 in collaboration with Mr. Antony Mishev, and kept the orignal feel & look of the website except partial modifications and improvements on the original design. Features like Google Maps, Google Analytics, contact form, suckerfish navigation, etc, are assisting visitors, editors and administrators of the underlying Content Management System. Many image galleries and rotators are serving different product pictures. The flash file from the header of the site is being replaced by an alternative image every time when no flash support has been detected in the requesting browser, so iPad/iPhone users can still view necessary information.


We've started this project in early 2010 to present online an young company from Berlin/Germany. Tegroma GmbH is a company mainly dealing on the Russian market, building industrial floors, sealing roofs, and trading with professional equipment. Together with Mr. Teske we've accommodated all needed information and user interaction in a logical build navigation. The site is fully editable from the tegroma GmbH staff and allows to be fit to new requirements without our interference.

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